The SOMA Immersion 1 is the first level of the SOMA educational experience

consisting of 2 days of intensive hands-on learning.

The focus of the SOMA Immersion 1 is to identify and experience the power of Listening and Engaging with the human being, the first two letters of our acronym “LEAD”, which defines our system. 

The art of Listening to the client and their bodies is often discounted. Listening is a necessity to create the optimal experience and outcome for the client. The art of Listening goes beyond auditory and into observing reaction, expression, and tissue.

To Engage effectively is not simply about verbal conversation but also creating safety and relaxation in an environment that enables clarity of the client's wants and needs for today. Implementing systemized challenges and movements combined with individual questioning will glean valuable information required to create the necessary solutions.

The empowerment of solutions for the client will propel them into a journey to MOVE, FEEL, LIVE better. For us as professionals, it will build stronger and longer lasting relationships guaranteeing longevity and success in the industry.

Educational  Material 

SOMA Immersion 1 is a blended learning experience. It will consist of both online and live education.  

The online education is preparatory content that we strongly suggest you view prior to arriving to the SOMA Immersion 1. Once you have registered to attend the SOMA Immersion 1, you will be sent an email with links to direct you to the content.

Upon arrival to the SOMA Immersion 1 you will receive all necessary materials for the event.

Immersion 1

SOMA Level 1



In SOMA Immersion 1, you will explore the depths of human motion through unique hands-on 

Listen and Engage strategies.


SOMA  Immersion 1

Your investment includes...

2 days of FUN and Practical Solution-based Education

A SPECIAL TriggerPoint - SOMA Tool-kit

wealth of various educational resources

  • Come ready to move and learn ...  We encourage you to bring comfortable athletic clothing as the days will be very hands on​



  1. To expand, elevate, and empower your ability to Listen to and observe human movement
  2. Apply specific applications that effectually Engage the client and their body with precise technique


Over the 2 days you will

  1. Experience and discover how MINDSET affects tissue & movement 
  2. Explore and interact with rhythm, timing, and symmetry and how these attributes operate in tissues during motion
  3. Participate in and demonstrate movement observation strategies
  4. Discover and explore the osteo-myofascial rings
  5. Practice and apply precise technique for Osteofascial Release™ and Fascial Mobilizers™
  6. Listen and Engage with SOMA applications for each ring