The SOMA Immersion 2 is the second level of the SOMA educational experience

consisting of 3 days of intensive hands-on learning.

The focus of the SOMA Immersion 2 is two-fold: 
First to expand and deepen the power of Listening and Engaging by adding a few more tools.

The second is implement the Systems and Programming to complete the LEAD process.

The technique to Appraise a client with humility creates an easier capacity to see whats

truly occurring within their system today.

Observing the client's responses and reactions during movement and play will empower you to make better decisions to define where they are and what your optimal tool or technique will be.

This is the foundation of being able to confidently Design the best regenerative health program

to ensure your clients MOVE better, FEEL better, LIVE better.


In the SOMA Immersion 2, you will expand and deepen your toolbox of unique hands-on applications to both Listen and Engage your clients with precision and clarity. You will further master the LEAD System for Designing and implementing personalized regenerative health programs that empower your clients​.


SOMA Immersion 2 is a blended learning experience. It will consist of both online and live education.  

The online education is preparatory content that we strongly suggest you view prior to arriving to the SOMA Immersion 2. Once you have registered to attend the SOMAImmersion2, you will be sent an email with links to direct you to the content.

Upon arrival to the SOMAImmersion2 you will receive all necessary materials for the event.



  1. To expand, deepen, and empower your ability to Listen to and Engage your client with greater depth
  2. To Appraise, Design and implement personalized regenerative health programming strategies


Over the 3 days you will

  1. Practice and apply precise techniques for Myofascial Release and Functional Reconnecting™ 
  2. Integrate and demonstrate all SOMA applications
  3. LEAD clients through a Personalized Regenerative Program™ (PReP™)

Immersion 2

SOMA Level 2


3 days of FUN, FOOD, and Practical Solution-based Education

  • Come ready to move and learn ...  We encourage you to bring comfortable athletic clothing as the days will be very hands on
  • Want to take a Dip? Swimming attire is also suggested as the venues will typically have a pool
  • Bring an appetite... Lunch will be provided on all 3 days, Dinner is provided on the first 2 days. We also suggest bringing some light snacks for the days if you're a snacker and water to keep your tissues hydrated