1. To expand, deepen, and empower your ability to Listen and Engage your client with greater depth using SME and FOURM
  2. To Design and implement personalized regenerative health programming strategies


Over the 2 days you will

  1. Practice and apply precise techniques for Self​Myofascial Engagement™ (SME) 
  2. Integrate and demonstrate FOURM 
  3. LEAD clients through a Personalized Regenerative Program™ (PReP™)




2 days of FUN and Practical Solution-based Education

  • Come ready to move and learn ...  We encourage you to bring comfortable athletic clothing as the days will be very hands on​

The SOMA Immersion 2 is the second level of the SOMA educational experience

consisting of 2 days of intensive hands-on learning.

The focus of the SOMA Immersion 2 is Observation & Programming
In Level 2, you will further develop your awareness skills and use them to observe. You will learn and apply SOMA's proprietary movement observation - FOURM - and begin to polish your ability to listen to the person. FOURM consists of 4 movements ("four" "m") that cover all 3 planes of motion at different heights for the 4 Osteo-Myofascial Rings

You will also add another application to your tool box with the practice of Myofascial Self Engagement™ (MSE) and learn the SOMA programming process - LEAD. LEAD stands for Listen, Engage, Appraise, and Design. Listening is about observing movement and the person as a whole. Engaging is about applying the right application in the right manner to mentally, emotionally, and physically match the person. Appraising is about evaluating how well you personally Listened and Engaged the person. Design is about designing the program itself.

Observation & Programming are the framework necessary to being able to confidently Design the best regenerative health program to ensure your clients #movefeellivebetter.


Immersion 2

SOMA Level 2


In the SOMA Immersion 2, you will deepen your toolbox of unique hands-on applications by adding MFR. You expand your ability to Observe your clients with more precision and clarity using FOURMLastly, you will have the LEAD System for Designing and implementing personalized regenerative health programs that empower your clients​.