Integration & Coaching

Effectively use and apply all 4 SOMA applications with any client, skillfully coaching them to move, feel & live better.

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Immersion 1

Course objectives

 Expand, elevate and empower your awareness & technique of SOMA applications​

Explore the depths of human motion through unique hands-on strategies to help you gain Awareness & Technique ​

→ Learn two (2) revolutionary applications that effectively engage the human being and produce instant change!

 Experience and discover how you and your body moves and how you feel during movement 

 Explore and interact with rhythmtiming, and symmetry and identify how these attributes operate in tissues during motion

 Discover and explore the Osteo-Myofascial Rings

 Practice and apply precise techniques for Self Osteofascial Engagement™ and Self Myofascial Engagement™ whilst touching on Play and Self Fascial Mobilisers™

Additional Information

SOMA Immersion 1 is a blended learning experience. It will consist of both online and live education.  

 The online education is preparatory content that we strongly suggest you view prior to arriving to the SOMA Immersion 1. Once you have registered to attend the SOMA Immersion 1, you will be sent an email with links to direct you to the content.

 Upon arrival to the SOMA Immersion 1 you will receive all necessary materials for the event.

*We encourage you to bring/wear comfortable exercise gear as the two-days are very hands on.

You'll receive 

 Two (2) days of Personalised Coaching to enhance knowledge and application

→ A TriggerPoint™ tool-kit

 SOMA t-shirt and bag

 FREE links to leading education including; Gray Institute, Anatomy Trains, Cadaver Dissection

Downloadable 95-page digital PDF handout

A downloadable 65-page SOMA Manual of text and programs aligning with the Level 1 course

 Immediate skills to create positive outcomes and attract new clients

Two day ticket
$899 USD



Go beyond traditional education and experience a SOMA Immersion that will refresh you as a professional and your business. Check out our upcoming events!

Observation & Programming

​​View stress, behaviour and motion through the SOMA perspective and increase your power to enhance them all.

Awareness & Technique​​

Learn how to apply precise SOMA techniques to create instant change.​ Become aware of you​ and how you feel during movement.

SOMA Immersion 1

Level 1

The SOMA Immersion 1 is the first level of the SOMA educational experience consisting of two (2) days of intensive hands-on learning.

The focus and topic of Immersion 1 is Awareness and Technique.
As movement professionals, becoming aware of ourselves, our bodies, and how we feel during movement is vital. Without awareness we cannot truly understand movement, and more importantly, how to demonstrate movement, or how to empathetically help others to move better.

The technique for SOMA is not simply about making sure we "do it the right way”. Technique is about understanding the tissues we're working with, how they respond to stimuli, how to best engage them, and how to precisely position and move to create instant change. 

When we have awareness and technique, we are able to engage the human being and allow them to #feelsoma and move, feel and live better. For us as professionals, this will build stronger and longer lasting relationships guaranteeing longevity, sustainability and success in the industry.