Our How

We inspire with humility and empower through experience.

Our Why

SOMA exists to help people move, feel and live better. We are passionate about educating and working along side you, providing guidance that will help you see, feel, and do, so you can continue to help others move, feel and live better.

Our Team

Our What

We deliver a practical system of integrated applications that increase your ability to observe and enhance the quality of movement.​ Our in the trenches experience will help your bottom line as we inspire you with innovative education and empower you with practical applications to improve the physical and mental capacity of those around you.

The Faces Behind SOMA

After nearly a decade of sharing, exploring, discovering, collaborating, and always playing, SOMA was brought to life. SOMA is the organic product of Ian O'Dwyer and Rodney Corn's longstanding relationship and shared passion for motion of the entire human being. Ian & Rodney have over 50 years of combined practical & professional experiences in the Health & Fitness Industry enhancing the lives of coaches, trainers, clubs, and clients nationally and internationally. SOMA embodies this passion through practical applications that change lives.